Collagen is a protein of the connective tissue, accounting for the largest share of around 30% of the total protein in the bodies of mammals. Collagen is the main biopolymer of living organisms and plays a very important role in the function of the body. This fibrous protein of the connective tissue makes up  to 70% of the skin and is an indispensable part of the human skeleton. Its unique physical and chemical features ensure inter alia the correct transfer of forces from the tendons and maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

After the age of 25, the collagen is increasingly degrading, which leads to many unfavorable changes. These changes are particularly evident in the skin, that loses its firmness, elasticity and smoothness. 
In addition, it comes at the same time to the loss of skin moisture, and thus to the formation of wrinkles. Thanks to the valuable properties of collagen and its important role in the function of the body system it is constantly the center of attention of doctors, biologists, biotechnologists and cosmetologists. The unique features of the collagen make this biopolymer  in particular suitable for the preparation of medical substances, such as sutures, collagen films, transplantation membranes, vessel prostheses, collagen sponges and pharmaceutical capsules.  
So far, such forms of collagen were primarily obtained from bovine or porcine skin, which is quite dangerous because of the risk of allergies or disease transmission (eg BSE). The collagen from animal skin is highly integrated, thereby its penetration into the human skin becomes more difficult. A penetration of the skin is also impossible due to the consistency of the product. Moreover, the applied methods of extraction of collagen from bovine and porcine are chemically aggressive, because at the production are used very strong acids. This leads to the fact, that the final product - as opposed to Natural Collagen Inventia ® - is no longer natural.

Natural Collagen Inventia ® has the consistency of a gel, that is easy to be fed into the skin, with around 90% of collagen in the dry matter. The collagen is extracted from the fish skin, so it does not contain disease-causing factors. It is also produced in an innovative way, which receives the spatial and native structure of the triple helix in the temperature range of              5-28 ° C maintained. By supplementing the collagen defect with such a protein that is identical to human, our skin gets building blocks that it needs to the formation of collagen, and our fibroblasts are forced to an increased synthesis of this particular protein. 
The skin regains its youthful appearance, firmness and shine. Also, the process of  obtaining of our product  is completely natural. 
Apart of the collagen, the product contains also other valuable proteins, such as elastin. The proportions between the proteins are natural and identical with those that have been determined in the course of evolution by nature, what offers us -  the living organisms - the ability to regenerate our skin.
Why natural collagen? 
If one reads the package leaflet of Kosmetika, one finds that there are often different expressions for collagen, such as bovine collagen, porcine collagen, hydrolyzed or plant collagen etc… However, these terms do not tell us enough about this important protein.

 Below you will find some information about it. 

The only right choice for your skin! 
The Natural Collagen Inventia ® is an exceptional care, that can help women all over the world to deal with the problems they encounter in their everyday lives with their skin and body care. The Natural Collagen Inventia ® holds an incredible fortitude of the unique NATURAL NATIVE COLLAGEN!  in nowhere else encountered form of the triple helix. It is not about yet another product with cheap and not very effective hydrolysed proteins or other mixture, which contains only in its name  the word "collagen”, although in reality it has nothing in common with it. We offer you as the only ones in  the market a product that is this important for the human body protein – the collagen – that contains in unaltered form, identical with that which occurs naturally in our bodies. The effect of the pure preparation of native collagen proteins is incomparably stronger and more comprehensive than the usual market substitutes, such as the already mentioned hydrolyzed protein with a barely discernible effect. The Natural Collagen Inventia ® provides your skin with everything it needs – with the "vital" collagen.

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    • Elvira Neumann
    • 2014-08-23 13:06:46
    Ich bin begeistert von den Produkten und danke für die Information.
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