Collagen is a protein in connective tissue with the largest (30%) share of the total protein of mammals. Collagen is the main biopolymer living organisms and has a very important role in the function of the body. This fibrillar protein of the connective tissue making up 70% of the skin and is an indispensable part of the human skeleton. His extraordinary physical and chemical properties inter alia ensure the correct transmission of forces by means of tendons, as well as for the preservation of the desired firmness and elasticity of the skin. The collagen is a homogeneous protein. To date, approximately 20 genetic types of collagen have been identified, which, as well as by the composition of the subunits, mass and length of the molecules, composition and sequence of the amino acids, hydroxylation of proline and lysine residues, glycosylation of hydroxylysine, three-dimensional structure, localization in the tissue distinguished by the characteristic of biosynthesis and posttranslational modifications (they also differ slightly in the type of sub-units, amino acid composition, the presence of other components, and the ability to form fibrils). The common feature of all genetic types is that they are built of three alpha polypeptide chains. In addition, all types of collagen is a fragment of the macromolecule, the structure of a triple-helix, and the N-and C-terminal fragments are globular structures. Collagen is a protein with a characteristic amino acid composition. The protein contains a lot of glycine, proline and alanine, which constitute about 60% of all amino acids. Moreover, here, due to the specific post-translational modifications, typical of collagen amino acids - to find - and 4-hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine 3. The alpha chain contains the repeating tripeptide sequence glycine-X-Y, where X is usually from proline, and Y is occupied by hydroxyproline. In construction of the alpha chain take almost all amino acids in part, but their number is not constant and depends on the type of tissue, the species, the age as well as race and gender.

Our collagen Inventia affects whether skin,

-hair or even gum with various problems.

-Dermatoses -




-hair loss or even baldness associated with skin problems

-Akne, Pimples, blemished skin

-Cellulite -Hühneraugen


-hellt scars and makes them more even

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    • Gisela Klein
    • 2014-08-23 13:31:47
    Ich finde das Collagen einfach toll. Ich kann es nur jedem empfehlen.
    • Monika Heinz
    • 2015-07-18 13:24:49
    Wirklich sehr wirkungsstarke und tolle Pflege. Meine Empfehlung an alle mit Problemhaut.
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