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Inventia Collagen is recommended to be used for the care of mature, dry and sensitive skin. The product is especially recommended for the care of the face and décolletage.  Great anti wrinkle effect !! Tightens immediately visible !!    
Inventia Skin Beauty Kapseln 60 Stck.
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Invita Skin Beauty is a product counted among nutricosmetics, i.e. dietary supplements created specifically to improve condition of the skin.  
Gesichtsreinigungs Handschuh
4 Reviews
Feinster Microfleece Reinigungshandschuh für ein natürlich frisches Aussehen
Eyes Collagen Serum with Vitamin A + E 15 ml
15 Reviews
The product is a collagen gel, which is characterized by homogeneous gel consistency with a slightly opalescent colour and faint characteristic smell.
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The Dynamic Body Slimming Serum is a preparation of cappuccino colour and scent. This cosmetic is designed to fight cellulite, an aesthetic fault feared by most women. Despite its gentle, velvet-like consistency, the product is a powerful  enemy of cellulite. According to estimates, cellulite is present in almost 95% of post-pubertal women.
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